Piece description from the artist

The first in a collection of watercolors for the show titled ‘The Mechanics of Life’. I wanted "Illuminate" to represent the light we shine on our surroundings. Each one of us has an impact on the world around us whether we know it or not. Whatever color, vibrancy, or luminosity, we all shine a light that is a reflection of our character and how we are perceived. In my personal opinion, I feel that we need to work harder at lighting further down the paths we choose and become beacons for those whose flames have lost their shine.

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About Daniel Angeles

Dallas, TX

Daniel Angeles currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Daniel's passion for art began at an early age while growing in the state of Washington. Throughout adolescence, Daniel excelled in drawing which encouraged him to pursue an artistic career. Daniel has created a name for himself in a short period of time; his painting “Follow the Leader,” was a finalist in an "": contest and many of his works are featured in several Dallas locations.

As a self-taught Artist, Daniel enjoys creating works that are not limited by rules or stipulations, and considers his work to be liberated in thought and in execution. When it comes to the creative process, Daniel paints only what he knows and personally appreciates. As a result, his work is both whimsical and realistic, depicting the story of his life through his own imagination and visual language.

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