Green Pier

Piece description from the artist

I am conscious of the limits of my time. I use my art to mark the path of my life. Each painting is a diary of some amount of time or other and in looking at older works I can recall what was happening in my life, what I was learning.

This is a TurningArt exclusive limited edition print available in editions of 100.

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About Eric Bohr

Oakland, CA

Eric Bohr discovered art early on, although back then he was primarily interested in music. Always having had a deep wonder for painting but initially intimidated, he didn’t seriously pursue visual arts until much later. Eventually, and with the encouragement of a friend who recommended the book "The Artists Way": Eric decided to again try his hand at producing physical art.

When Eric discovered the work of "Jasper Johns": and "Robert Rauschenberg": he became truly inspired. Eric too believes in the power of objects as relics, and feels that these things have their own story to tell.

Soon after moving to the Bay Area Eric got his first canvas which allowed him to incorporate these objects in a way not possible with paper. From there on it has been a study in materials and process. Each canvas is another in a series of lessons.

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