Fuga City Acros 100 Film

Piece description from the artist

Here is something both a bit different and very interesting! This is the Fuga City, a MUCH photographed sailboat that has been up on the hard for decades rotting away at one of my favorite shrimp boat locations in Georgetown, SC.
This is done on Fuji Acros 100 120 on my Fuji GA645zi with no filter (none was needed) and processed in Xtol stock for the smallest grain possible.

This scene slides right in to the deepest motivational inspired photographic creations for me. This is what drives me deep into the world of Wabi/Sabi… I have photographed this scene, angle and distance hundreds of times, and NOTHING I have taken previously (many different digital systems) can come close to what the Acros captured here. Inspired? Oh yes, but beyond that I simply stood there with the camera on the tripod looking at this, thinking of filters and composition but of far greater importance, I was visualizing what this would look like on film! I was not disappointed…

Even on this reduced resolution image for FB, look at the spider webs around the right side of the propeller in the wood slats. There is so much information in this that it boggles my mind!

Here is the data:

GW645zi – Roll 41 Frame 1 – 90mm – f32 Shutter 1 second – AVG Metering – no Filter- Xtol Stock – Wet Scan – T CI 80 – Fuga City – 2018-03-28

Other works by Mark Hilliard

About Mark Hilliard

Pawleys Island, SC

A landscape, wildlife, and fine art photographer for 45 years, Mark Hilliard has traveled the world in pursuit of his photographic visions.

He began dabbling in black and white photography at the early age of 13; the hobby quickly became a lasting and important part of his life. Before accepting a position with Eastman Kodak in the early 1980's, he traveled extensively as a member of the U.S. Navy. And after retiring from Eastman Kodak in the mid-90s, Mark started taking nature photographs on a full time basis in upstate New York.

In 1997, Mark moved to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina where he lived aboard a small boat. He spent this time exploring and photographing the waterways, islands, and wildlife of the Low Country. He is now a well-known and respected advocate for the environment.

When asked about his philosophy on nature photography he says, “I tend to concentrate on the smaller, secret side of nature that most people overlook, a different view on the world that surrounds us each and every day. I work in color, but black & white photography and infrared photography have a special place in my heart; they tend to show a different view of things we pass by every day. I look at my photographs as portraits of nature rather than pictures, and I often spend hours with a single subject.”

See Mark's portfolio here

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