Frank o 2

Frank-O #2

Piece description from the artist

This work has been influenced by the artist Chuck Close. He is best known for painting enormous realistic portraits from photos using a grid method. To create his paintings, Close lays a grid a photo reference and meticulously copies the image cell by cell onto a massively large canvas. I’ve employed this similar approach, except I’ve taken my images further away from realism. I’ve attempted to combine the Chuck Close’s technique, except I've employed techniques and textures that are uniquely my own. I’ve also chosen to work with small and medium-size canvases in order to achieve an abstract aesthetic when seen at a close distance. However, when the painting is seen at about 100 feet, a striking portrait comes in to full view. In this case, I've chosen to paint a portrait of man with a beard and a red cap.

Other works by Daniel (Dano) Carver

About Daniel (Dano) Carver

Lacey, WA

Although the style of Daniel Carver’s (Dano) work varies, his approach is always the same. He begins by identifying a subject through which he can explore saturated, vibrant colors and rich, contrasting textures. Dano is inspired by the beauty that can be found in the degradation of man-made materials, the peeling paint from a wall or the oxidation of metal in an old truck. With each painting, he allows the subject to dictate the style in which it is to be painted.

Dano has had an unquenchable passion for all forms of art since childhood. But most recently, his medium of choice has been acrylic paint. The color is brilliant and long-lasting, and the substance itself acts like glue, allowing him to layer paper or collage. He builds up several layers of paint and paper, and then distresses them with abrasive instruments. Each creative choice enhances the realism of his paintings.

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