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For me, painting is an ever-changing life form. Through life experiences, you keep reinventing yourself and as you transform, your painting style transforms, too.

I was born in Osaka, Japan, in 60s, grew up there and went an art university in Tokyo to study traditional Japanese art. After graduating, I left my country in order to continue my education in the different filed of western painting restoration in England and US. I worked as a restorer of western art for 20 years before coming to Moscow in 2006, when I started painting professionally.

My life experiences and working experiences as a restorer of western art and my knowledge in Japanese traditional painting reflect strongly in my artwork.

I often try to insert simple symbols and signs in my compositions so that viewers can decipher the meanings of the symbols by themselves, therefore they can “read” my paintings as if they were reading books.

Symbols are a powerful tool for a painter to communicate with others, especially with different cultural backgrounds, such as languages and ethnicities.

Although many of my paintings contain Japanese symbols and motifs, I don’t limit myself to the Japanese theme. Basically I paint what pleases me at any given moment and I use my own paintings as a tool for self-reflection. I can observe how I evolve and become a different person on the everyday basis as I paint.

My art works are mainly acrylic on linen canvas. Acrylic is a versatile material and I enjoy getting many different effects by texturing and layering.

Other works by Minako Ota

About Minako Ota

Princeton, NJ

Minako Ota is an award-winning artist, born and trained in Japan as a traditional Japanese painter. She subsequently studied and worked in the field of painting conservation in Europe and the United States.

Her work is an ongoing metamorphosis of her own self-perception and worldview. Her experiences outside of Japan made Minako's artistic vision a hybrid of Asian and European cultures, and her works reflect these opposite worlds: she combines the Western painting techniques she mastered over years through conservation with the traditional Japanese motifs of her youth.

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