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Early Days

Early Days

Piece description from the artist

Beauty always comes from tragedy. This I have learned in life. This piece makes me realize this more and more. I was in an awful ski accident several years ago which left me with a broken collar bone and a severe concussion. I was unconscious for 5 minutes. I had no memory of what happened to me. Witnesses say a guy was doing what’s called ‘straight-lining’, which means skiing as fast as he can with his skis together (which is illegal, btw) and hit me from behind and I went flying and flopped face first into the snow. Thankfully, I was wearing a helmet. Otherwise I’m not sure I would be alive right now. To this day they have never found this man that hit me. There is still an APB out on him for hit and run. I spent many months of recovery. Once I felt like getting back to my art again, I found I could not create like I used to. Something had happened. My motor skills were gone. I simply could not do art the way I had spent my life doing. I was very distraught about this. Can I no longer be an artist? What now? These thoughts ate me up inside! Then about 8 months after the accident I decided to experiment with alcohol ink. I mean, what could it hurt, right? I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying something new. I discovered a new passion immediately! I could not get enough. I would create all day, every day. I realized that this form of art set me free in a way that nothing else ever had. I was suddenly free! Once I realized this, I began to find fulfillment in my art again. I see things differently now. I believe the Holy Spirit planted this in my heart. It was like he was telling me to go in a new direction so that my art could tap into emotions I was never able to communicate before. Now I can. Now I fully understand why people say that there is beauty that comes from tragedy. I get it! I now see the accident as a gift. It set me on a new path. Without it I would still be creating art the way I always had been, which is fine, but … there was always something missing. Something I never knew was missing until I began this new trek. These are still in the early days. I hope I always feel like this and never begin to feel that it’s drudgery. Right now, the possibilities are endless, and am excited every day to see what’s next. I hope you enjoy this piece and the softness of it. It brings a certain peace to my heart and I hope it does the same for you.

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14.0" x 11.0"
Alcohol Ink

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