Dorchester at night ii

Dorchester at Night II

Piece description from the artist

A night scene depicting two triple deckers in Dorchester, MA. "The name triple decker originally referred to a British man-of-war, which had three gun decks. They (the homes) appeared in New England after the Civil War… By 1870, New England’s economy boomed. An influx of immigrants caused the populations to triple over the next few decades in Boston… Poor families moved near factories and mills to work, but at first many scrounged for a place to live. They jammed into stables, cellars, and even tents. Investors saw an opportunity to make money by building light-framed wooden three-flats. For example, Peter Baker owned a lead manufacturing company in Worcester. He built several triple deckers on Vernon Hill as speculative investments to house Irish working-class families…Living in or near a New England triple decker, wrote The New York Times, was like hating the Yankees or skipping work on St. Patrick’s Day…The triple decker never won any architectural awards, but it enjoyed enormous popularity. It gave working- and middle-class families a chance to own a home…" – New England Historical Society: The Rise, Fall and rebirth of the Triple Decker.

Other works by Jodie Baehre

About Jodie Baehre

Boston, MA

Jodie Baehre is an acrylic urban landscape painter in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She has been in several exhibitions in Boston including "Ambassadors 2" at Boston City Hall and "The Big Picture" at Atlantic Wharf Gallery in Boston. Her work is on permanent reserve at the Boston Public Library, permanent exhibit at Factory 63, Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and she has three works in State Street Bank's permanent art collection. Jodie has been featured in Boston Magazine, The Weekly Dig, Daily Artspace, Bezar, The Boston Globe, Apartment Therapy, among other noted publications. In 2015, Jodie was nominated for the prestigious Brother Thomas Fellowship through the Boston Foundation. In 2018 (and again in 2019), Jodie was honored by The City of Boston as a Fay Chandler Emerging Artist. In 2019, she participated in an artist residency in Epsom, New Hampshire as awarded through Getaway. In 2021, Jodie was nominated by the St. Botolph Club, Boston for an emerging artist grant and she was featured online by the Edward Hopper House in Nyack, NY. In 2022, Jodie was awarded "The People's Choice Award" for the National art competition, "Emptiness" for her painting titled "Last Call". Also in 2022 Jodie was awarded a curatorialship from the Fort Points Art Community and participating artist for "There Once Was Parking I" that was funded in part by The City of Boston. This exhibition was on view at the Assemblage Gallery in The Envoy Hotel, Boston, MA. Designer Ray Trotta from Castle Island Brewing Company created a limited edition beer label for the gallery exhibition featuring Jodie's painting "Last Call." Later in 2022, Jodie received a second grant from The Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture to produce another series of creative events in Dorchester, MA under the title "There Once Was Parking II". This month-long series of creative events was free and open to the public.

Jodie is a member of the Fort Point Arts Community, The National Guild for Community Arts Education, The Edward Hopper House Artists' Members in Nyack, NY, TurningArt, and The American Iris Society. She studied Industrial Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Boston, and a Masters of Science in Art Administration from Boston University. Jodie also works part-time at the non-profit music organization, Project STEP.

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