Piece description from the artist

We saw this macabre sight as we drove out of Punta de Chorros, Chile, a remote seaside town only reachable by a 45-minute drive down a dirt road through the desert. The two photographers in the car insisted we stop and get out to shoot the skeletal frame of this ruined automobile, which was covered in dried flowers and bore a small sign reading "QEP," or Queda en Paz — Be at Peace.

Other works by Amanda Darby

About Amanda Darby

Rockville, MD

Amanda Darby is a self-taught digital photographer working in the Washington, DC area. Her work is characterized by clean, simple images, bright colors, and a clear appreciation for the world. She does not use Photoshop or other photo editors on her photographs; she prefers to showcase the natural beauty in what she shoots.

Amanda had her first solo gallery show at the Frederick County Cultural Arts Center in Frederick, MD. She was also part of a group show at The Artists' Gallery in Frederick, MD, and continues to show informally around the area. Amanda's work was featured on "Jones Soda": labels in September 2012 and May 2010, and she has also done photography for Simmons College and Bryn Mawr College.

When Amanda’s not taking photos, she’s either playing with her feisty cats, working at her government job, reading a new novel, or watching baseball.

See Amanda's portfolio here

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