County Fair

Piece description from the artist

This painting has been purchased by a collector of my works in Dallas, TX.
Of particular note is that this work has been purchased in a large print and used in a Broadway musical production as a blow-up backdrop on a stage in Vancouver, Canada.
All I want to create with this painting is a smile on your face and think back to that day and the joy it brought. The ominous sky looks to be turning brighter as the light chases away the dark clouds to add joy to the lives of the riders on the ferris wheel and roller-coaster. The canopies remind me of all the other things that are happening, like petting zoo, marry-go-round, and the strangest of the strange. Fun-fun-fun!

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About Gary Smith

Orange Park, FL

Over the past few years Gary has become known as a 'process' artist and not the typical 'results oriented' artist;

"As a process artist, I am constantly stimulated by the never ending variety of shapes and colors that surround me as I paint to music. I interpret with expression and meaning combining form with color relationships with bold values. I feel compelled to express my thoughts and emotions with strong and often stylized shapes I feel in the music that moves me as I paint. As long as there is a burning desire to create and express within me, I will always have something personal to offer others in art. My art philosophy today is; there are no rules, you must abide by, and if someone claims there are, break them! Don't allow yourself to get caught painting in that box.”

In the last 20 years Gary has studied under a variety of accomplished artist/instructors from Dutch abstract on the island of Saba, N.A., impressionists of Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, FL., and most recently he has been studying the work of Jonas Gerard in Asheville, NC. Jonas has a philosophy of; paint fast so you don't have time to think and allow doubt to enter the process. Over the ensuing years Gary has been blessed with winning several first place and best of show awards for works in watercolor and acrylic and has sold his work all over the United States.

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