Corner Piece

Piece description from the artist

This sophisticated piece is a tribute to the balance of warm and cool, dark and light, Yin energy and Yang energy. The vibrating filaments connect each color though a wide divide of deep and absorbing black. In abstract art, you can see anything you choose, so I avoid detailed descriptions and imposed meanings though am happy to share more detailed stories if you like.

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About David Solomon

Austin, TX

David Landau is an artist from Ann Arbor, MI. He creates vibrant mixed media paintings with rich color, intensity, and interactive texture. His art is inspired by and contains elements found in microscopic images of neurons and photos from the "Hubble Space Telescope": He regularly collaborates with chemists to create novel techniques and mediums.

David is also the founder and creative director of "Tribbio Studio":, a creative development organization that provides internships and workshops to emerging artists who wish to develop their professional skills.

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