Coors Field

Piece description from the artist

Coors Field is one of the most recognizable baseball stadiums in the U.S. Nestled right in the middle of the lower downtown portion of Denver, CO, Coors Field becomes a hub of excitement on game days. Christopher Clark has found a way to capture the emotion, movement, and action going on around the stadium as fans start making their way to the game.

There are lots of hidden features to look for that remind us of the Rockies history. Try to find them all.
Colorado Rockies logo in the Mountains.
Pedicab license plate represents the first game played at Coors Field: April 26th, 1995.
“2007” on the jerseys of 2 fans represents the year the Rockies went to the World Series.
The clock atop Coors Field reads 5:28 representing 2 Rockies players: #5 Carlos Gonzalez and #28 Nolan Arenado.
Fan Jerseys represent #2 Troy Tulowitzki, #33 Larry Walker, #9 Vinny Castilla, #10 Dante Bichette, and #19 Charlie Blackmon.
The family of 4 wearing all #17 jerseys represent Todd Helton and his family.
Jersey #27 is worn by a fan in the pedicab representing Rockies Rookie Sensation Trevor Story.

Other works by Christopher Clark

About Christopher Clark

Denver, CO

Christopher Clark specializes in oil paintings of many subjects: romance, dancing, music, Italy, animals, and cityscapes. His impressionist style is compelled by bold brushwork, brilliant colors, and a luminous sense of light.

Christopher Clark has studied art his entire life, ever since he was a boy watching Bob Ross painting shows on TV (that wacky guy with the afro painting "happy little trees"). His art studies and travels have taken him all over the world in pursuit of culture, art knowledge, and painting subjects.

Christopher's favorite subject to paint is light itself, meaning anything becomes a beautiful subject if the light is stunning. Christopher's paintings are collected all over the world, and he is available for commissions of all kinds.

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