Piece description from the artist

This is a piece of Lake Nicaragua also known as "Cocibolca". This fresh water lake is the largest in Central America and houses the volcanic island of Ometepe. There is no other place in the world like this.

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About Asdruabal Ibarradubon

San Francisco, CA

Asdrubal Ibarra Dubon was born and raised in Managua Nicaragua. In his youth he developed a passion for drawing and painting. Combining his intellectual skills and his passion for art he became an architect. Later in life he and his wife moved to the United States to raise their children. Now with all his children fully grown, Asdrubal lives in the San Frenando Valley of Southern California and works as a freelance artist.

Asdrubal’s influence comes from the natural beauty of his homeland. His art features many of the well known volcanoes and lakes of the Nicaraguan landscape. Through his paintings, drawings and unique style he expresses his artistic vision.

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