56 Chevy Bel Aire

Piece description from the artist

Several years ago I was struck by the fact that I produce strikingly different bodies of work. Having been a draftsman, I drew very technically, making detail oriented technical drawings. After years of apprenticeships, I created oil paintings in the American Impressionist tradition, with loose painterly brush work. Neither one seemed to have a common ground and neither seemed to come from the same artist. Intrinsic too who I am, was also the use of computers.

With this realization I started looking for an intersection between the three. The result was the series of car and architectural paintings that I am currently working on, tightly drawn in the technical drawing tradition, composed using photography and computers, and loosely painted in the tradition of the American Impressionist School. The two worlds have been joined into one in this series of paintings.

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About Catherine Landergan

Marblehead, MA

Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1958, Catherine Falmagne Landergan was surrounded by art both at home and in the museums of Brussels, growing up in a culture where art thrived.

After pursuing a degree from Clark University, Ms. Landergan went to technical school to receive a mechanical drawing certificate. She became a traditional draftsman, drawing everything from the casting drawings for the park benches on Revere Beach, landscape drawings for Spectacle Island created from the dirt of the Central Artery in Boston as well as a map of every street in Warwick, RI. She also created a line of jewelry under the name of Great Whirlwind Design, specializing in stone and glass jewelry.

Ms. Landergan learned to paint the traditional way, by apprenticeship with oil painters of national reputation such as Stapleton Kearns, David Curtis and Tom Ouellette. She has a Masters in Art Education at Salem State College and teaches in the Fine Arts Department at Marblehead High School, Marblehead MA. Her paintings are exhibited in New England galleries including the Camden Falls Gallery, Camden, ME, the Bodin Gallery, Gloucester, MA, as well as in private and public collections from Europe to California including the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA. She is also a member of the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester, MA and the Marblehead Arts Association.

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