Piece description from the artist

Post-match bullfight in Bogota, Colombia.

In only the rarest occasion does the bull live, receiving the pardon of the judge and the pious support of the crowd for a most excellent display of bullfighting.

Other works by Han Yang Lee

About Han Yang Lee

San Francisco, CA

Han Yang Lee grew up in Singapore, and began making ballpoint pen drawings when he was stuck in classrooms and offices. Although Han now works with photography, ball point pen drawings will always be a part of his artistic process.

When he moved to the U.S. to attend Brown University, Han's travels became very influential to his work. During this time, he developed an eye for the unusual, quirky aspects of society. He is also interested in graphic design and enjoys creating stop-motion videos from photographs. He is currently enrolled in the "Safehouse Atelier":http://www.thesafehouseatelier.com/ in San Francisco, specializing in video game and conceptual film art.

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