Broken promises

Broken Promises

Piece description from the artist

If I could meet our president, I would ask him to consider a Day of Atonement, in which we publicly express our sorrow for all the groups, nay, races of peoples that the US has destroyed, denigrated or disenfranchised over the centuries ~ from the Black African Slaves to those who lost their homes to greedy and fraudulent lenders and their toxic mortgages. That's what this painting is about: all the underdogs. You can find many of their faces below that of the American Indian.

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About Richard Green

Eden Prairie, MN

Richard Green holds a Bachelor's degree in music and art history from the University of Minnesota, and a commercial art certificate from The Hennepin County Technical College. The 35mm camera he received for his seventh birthday was probably the catalyst which would eventually lead to a career in art direction and graphic design. He is a self-taught watercolor artist and oftentimes combines a variety of mediums, including a computer to achieve the effects he desires.

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