Bernal Hill

Piece description from the artist

When I first begin a painting I am full of hope, inspiration and tremendous excitement at the prospect of creating my vision in a form which others can appreciate. As I progress through the various stages of the painting, I go through various states of despair and pleasure. It is often a struggle and always a challenge. But those moments offer the greatest potential for growth and problem solving, until finally I feel a sense of 'doneness' or satisfaction with what I see.

Recurring themes I want to convey are about moments; perhaps a moment when the sun catches the edges of a Victorian house or a steep hill vista, a view which represents the essence of a San Francisco moment. In a city, I am an onlooker into other people's worlds. I am just an observer. There is a wondering: what is going on in there? Who is in there and what are they doing or what is their life like?

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About Zue Acker

San Francisco, CA

Zue Acker was born in the U.K. and has spent much of her life between Oxford, England and San Francisco, California. Zue graduated in 1986 from the Bath Academy of Art in the UK with honors in Ceramics and Printmaking. She then started her artistic career as a ceramic artist in Oxford, working from a disused water mill over the River Windrush. She sold her work from her studio, in shows, and exhibited in galleries across England.

After six years in the ceramic business she packed up shop to travel. Feeling a need to fill the creative void, she took up watercolors, pastels and charcoal. Many years later after arriving in San Francisco, she took up oil painting.

Zue is drawn to paint her immediate surroundings; the San Francisco streets, and the redwoods and oak trees of California. She also draws inspiration from travel through places such as Mexico and Morocco. Today, Zue works out of her studio located in San Francisco’s Mission district.

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