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Bare Branches

Bare Branches

Piece description from the artist

Bare Branches is essentially a drawing using acrylic paint and texture media with fine tipped pigment ink pens on canvas. Much of the canvas is bare except for the primer. It is still archival. Some people really don't like bare canvas – if this is you, this probably isn't the right painting/drawing for you.

The subject is winter trees. The style plays with negative spaces and neutral colors. Coarse textured media were used as neutral colors, along with white paint and inks.

A pure black and white painting brings out the subtle colors and tones of the various substances used to make black and white pigments. In Bare Branches "white" takes on blue and gold tones, while blacks range from blue violet to reddish. The rough graininess of the texturizing gels suggests textures in the wood and emphasizes the shape of each brushtroke. Fine line details in archival ink with a felt-tipped pen help create and maintain the patterns of fine branches. Other fine line details abstract bark textures.