Piece description from the artist

As I stepped off the military, cargo plane in Antarctica, this is the first image I photographed. The solitary, red, utility trailer was a stark contrast to the sea of white which now surrounded me. Freezing temperatures robbed me of breath. I had arrived to wash dishes for six months at McMurdo Base – a job which enabled me to reach my goal of visiting all seven continents. This image will forever serve as a reminder of my surreal introduction to this most foreign of places.

Other works by Rick Onorato

About Rick Onorato

New York, NY

Since his time in Saudi Arabia as a child, Rick Onorato has always maintained a strong desire to travel; he flees the country at every opportunity, documenting his travels in a variety of photographic styles. As an artist, Rick is known for combining his creative eye with sarcastic wit and dark humor.

Educated at the London Film School and Parsons School of Design, Rick currently works as a graphic designer in New York City. In his spare time, he is a filmmaker and a darkly humored cartoonist with several published books on "Amazon":

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