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Abstract Hortus IX

Abstract Hortus IX

Piece description from the artist

The interplay between abstraction and representation frequently surfaces in my work. Depicting an object in a new manner, or from a different perspective, such that it ceases to be itself and instead takes on a new form, is a type of alchemy. The finest examples are those that straddle the fine line between abstraction and representation in such a way that a small change, perhaps just a brushstroke, moves the image across the boundary from one to the other. Often I enjoy examining an everyday object in very close proximity, and appreciate the fine patterns or forms contained within it- the veins in a leaf, the meniscus around a floating plant. Other worlds full of mysteries and depth, but so easily overlooked. They are a large part of my appreciation of the natural world in my urban environment, reminding me that my own habitat, as familiar as it seems, is full of the exotic and the unknown.

I am influenced by the processes of nature while I create my paintings. Using glazes and gel media, I build an image in layers, each one influenced by those that came before it. Underpainting is sometimes exposed, and I am reminded of the wounds on an old tree, or the scars where topsoil has slid down a hillside, exposing a bit of history for anyone who cares to observe it. I think about far-away coral reefs and familiar forests, built through natural cycles of growth and decay, layer upon layer, the patterns and forms of the living directly descending from the older layers beneath them.

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36.0" x 24.0"
Acrylic on canvas

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