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Xina Scuderi

St. Petersburg, FL

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St. Petersburg, FL

Artist Xina Scuderi is a fine art photographer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Although Scuderi has no formal training in photography, Scuderi was selected as Emerging Artist at the prestigious Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival within the first five years of her artist career. She was also selected as Emerging Artist in Gasparilla Fine Art Festival in the same season (2017), and a grantee of Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist program in 2018.
Born in 1986 in St. Petersburg, Florida, artist Xina Scuderi grew up in her artisan father’s shop. The neighborhood girls played with barbies and makeup – she played with her dad’s band saw. She was always making something. The camera was always part of family time. Her dad often took all the family kids out in a Cadillac with blue velour bench seats driving the long way to springs and beaches.
As a teenager living a high school era of the tragedy of 9/11, Scuderi’s parents both became seriously ill with chronic diseases in the early 2000’s. The stock market crash of 2008 was the final end of her father’s artisan business. High school through college was a blur. At 25 Xina Scuderi decided to start a new life – changed the people, places, and things – picked up a camera and got to work.
As a visual representation of the physical world, Scuderi's photography is a portfolio of adventures and wanderings. Every image has a story, an emotion, a celebration of something real. A moment in time, a memory, of growth and emotion. Xina Scuderi did not have exposure of traveling to see the world until her adult life as a photographer.
Her portfolio is very diverse, never limiting herself to one or two series over long periods of time. Xina Scuderi’s most in depth series is the ‘Macro Collection’ for which she earned many of her press and accolades. Currently Scuderi’s main focus is a series of waterscapes that study the collision of water, air and light using weather and orbital patterns of the Earth around the sun to find a desired effect. Xina is also well known for her pop art and Doors of Cities projects.

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Other works by Xina Scuderi

Selected Exhibitions

  • MIZE Gallery
    St. Petersburg, 2021
  • Tempus Projects
    Tampa, 2020
  • Leslie Curran Gallery
    St. Petersburg, 2019
  • Gasparilla Festival of the Arts
    Tampa, 2017
  • Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival
    Winter Park, 2017

Press and Accolades

  • Creative Loafing Best of the Bay
  • Creative Pinellas
  • Creative Loafing


  • University of South Florida, Bachelors in Interdiciplinary Social Sciences: Geography & Anthropology
    St. Petersburg,2010 

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