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Tom Kostes

Seattle, WA

About Tom Kostes

Seattle, WA
What Tom does and why….

Tom’s is a passion for creating "Images"; from the “outer and inner” worlds of the mind, heart and soul that will fulfill the need of people to decorate their homes and walls.

Images can tell a story, create a mood, or stir up feelings. 

Tom’s images, start in camera, and are then massaged as much or as little, as he deems necessary to arrive at a place where they express his vision, and are worthy of sharing with others.

Tom has a fine arts background, so he tends to think of his camera as his paintbrush and leans to the fine arts side of photography. He once considered himself a landscape photographer, but in truth, he will capture anything, and anyone that tugs on his heart strings.

While the technical aspects of photography are very important, what concerns Tom more is the results; however, you get there. Does the image move the viewer in some fundamental way that makes them want to explore it more deeply?

Tom strives to get the very best image possible in the camera, then goes on to create a representation that expresses, most fully, the feelings, as well as, the sense and mood of a place, when the shutter was pressed.

Tom’s wish is to create images that will enrich your life and environment. Images that were created to express his personal vision, but always keeping the viewer in mind.

Tom has been shown in galleries and exhibitions from Hawaii to Maine, over many years.

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Press and Accolades

  • Featured Article
  • Landscape Photographer Magazine


  • Silvermine School Of The Arts,
    NewCanaan, CT,1975 
  • Self Educated over many years.,

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