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Tom Gross

West Des Moines, IA

About Tom Gross

West Des Moines, IA

Growing up in an urban environment it was only natural for Tom to begin drawing and eventually painting things that he saw daily. He had been lucky to have a very talented teacher in high school , who later left that position to become a successful studio artist . After high school he met and married and started a family , painting was more of an afterthought as his focus was providing a safe and comfortable home for his family.
Time passed and with the children grew and took less of his time, so he began painting again. After attending a Van Gogh / Gauguin show – The Studio in the South at the Art Institute in Chicago , he came back to his studio with a passion to create.
His wife ,Tina, urged him to begin attending outdoor shows to exhibit his work and to seek out public areas to display his works . Before leaving central Illinois for his new home in Iowa ( West Des Moines) his works could be found in all the area City Halls / Libraries /and many corporate collections.
Now in Iowa he is focusing on his new environment and creating paintings for a whole new region.

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