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Timothy Jack

Chicago, IL

About Timothy Jack

Chicago, IL

Aborted Ambition. It's happened to the best of us, right? At some point in life we have given up on our ideas. This Aborted Ambition is different though. This Aborted Ambition is Timothy Jack's name for all of the ideas that he decided NOT to give up on. Some are musical. Some are artistic. Whatever they are, they are all here – alive and doing quite well, thank you.

As delightfully confusing and bizarrely random as the individual elements of Timothy's work may seem, together they make perfect, beautiful sense. In music, the parts are lyrics, instruments, arrangements, and performances. With art, it may be images of bones, grotesques, and cartoons. Regardless of the medium, these parts become the end result that is the music and artwork you will experience on this website.

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