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Thomas Swofford

Atlanta, GA

About Thomas Swofford

Atlanta, GA

Thomas Swofford is a photographer living in Atlanta, Georgia. His photography focuses are in two strong forms: the outdoors and the busy city. His work has been displayed throughout Atlanta and has been purchased by buyers from around the country. His work even caught the eye of Atlanta City Hall. Thomas' pieces currently hang in the Atlanta Mayor's Office.
Thomas does little editing to his photographs. He does not use any editing software, nor perform any post processing, i.e. Photoshop. Each image is composed at the time of the shutter release. He believes that what the world offers him at the time the photo is taken is what should be included in the final composition.
He has always had a love for the outdoors and the big city. Thomas' parents are from Salt lake City, Utah and Marion North Carolina. Spending time in both built a solid foundation for Thomas' belief that nature and man have the ability to live in harmony.

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