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Thibaut Dapoigny

Brooklyn, NY

About Thibaut Dapoigny

Brooklyn, NY

Thibaut Dapoigny is an artist who moved to New York from the French countryside in 2009. He holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and his MFA at the New York Studio School in Manhattan. His paintings are an attempt at capturing movement and subjection with great intensity. He begins with abstraction, then tends toward the figurative, arriving at a subject's most descriptive facets as late as possible. This allows him to concentrate on other aspects such as light and depth, pathways and connections. Movement is key whether it is made obvious in a herd of galloping horses, or conveyed subtly in a nearly settled vibration—the action is either frenzied and robust, or held back, about to unfold. On some level all matter, all bodies are constantly in motion, even when apparently still. This has become of great interest to him in his most recent work, in which he imbues apparently static subjects with dynamism through unlikely or improbable juxtapositions, colors, spaces and proportions. In some instances this entails pushing the scale and palette of a delicious strawberry to the breaking point.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • The New York Studio School
    New York, NY, 2017
  • GreenPoint Gallery
    Brooklyn, NY, 2016
  • Strohl and Fowler-Kellogg Art Centers
    Chautauqua, NY, 2016

Press and Accolades



  • The New York Studio School , MFA Painting
    New York, NY,2017 
  • The School of Visual Arts, BFA Fine Arts
    New York, NY,2014 

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