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Susan Thompson

London , United Kingdom

About Susan Thompson

London , United Kingdom

Susan Thompson is an abstract artist based in London, UK. Her artistic journey is a testament to the seamless integration of a lifelong commitment to nursing with an enduring passion for the world of art.

Susan's artistic philosophy centres on the notion that both artistry and nursing share a common thread—the act of giving a part of oneself to foster profound connections with others.

In her creative process, Susan's approach is marked by spontaneity, with her works often springing to life from chance markings, musical influences, or intentional colour choices. She employs a wide range of mediums, including acrylics, inks, and oils, to craft abstract compositions on a variety of surfaces, from canvas and linen to paper and gesso panels.

The source of Susan's creative inspiration is the rich tapestry of the natural world and her extensive reservoir of personal experiences and emotional depths. Colour, with its boundless capacity for expression, holds a special fascination for Susan, and she continually explores its possibilities in her art.

Susan's artistic journey has been deeply influenced by the innovative works of artists like Frank Bowling, Alma Thomas, and numerous others. Recently, she had the privilege of contributing to the groundbreaking 'The World Reimagined' project, as one of the globe artists.

Through her practice, Susan Thompson seeks to bridge the realms of art and human connection, inviting viewers to explore the spontaneous beauty that emerges from her creative process and the profound emotions that colour and form can convey.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Spitalfields Studios
    London,UK, 2023
  • The World Reimagined
    London, UK, 2023
  • Imperial Health Charity
    London, UK, 2023
  • Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery
    Birmingham, UK, 2020
  • The Tabernacle
    London, UK, 2018
  • Oxford Brookes University
    Oxford, UK, 2014
  • The Mill Arts Centre
    Banbury, UK, 2007
  • Battersea Contemporary Art Fair
    London, UK, 2001


  • Oxford Brookes University, BA Hons Fine Art
    Oxford, United Kingdom,2014 
  • Goldsmiths‌ ‌College, ‌Art‌ ‌Therapy‌ ‌Postgraduate‌ ‌Diploma‌‌
    London, UK,1990 

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