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Sol Hartman

Boston, Ma, MA

About Sol Hartman

Boston, Ma, MA

My new works are cityscapes with long
shadows and reflections. I am particularly
interested in how shadows and reflections
affect the objects around them and how the
light source affects the shadows and
reflections. Reflections are more than the
mirror of an object. They give life, movement
and emotion to an otherwise dead structure.
Similarly, shadows, to many, are silent, but
they speak to me. Shadows and reflections
are an essential part of the landscape that I
see. Although they are not solid, they define
solid objects by giving them volume and
weight and create relationships between
objects. They make the buildings that I paint
more vibrant and warm. The light source also
affects shadows and reflections. Light values
caused by the sun are warm colors but their
shadows are very cool. The buildings
engulfed in shadows and reflected in glass
give them a mystery and strength. They ask
the viewer to look harder and to supply the
parts that cannot be seen

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Other works by Sol Hartman

Selected Exhibitions

  • Catamount Arts
    St. Johnsbury, VT, 2018
  • Copley Society of Art
    Boston, MA, 2018
  • Longwood Tennis Club
    Brookline, MA, 2017
  • Danforth Museum
    Framingham, MA, 2013
  • The Gallery at the Piano Factory
    Boston, MA, 2011


  • Colby College, BA
    Waterville, Maine,1967 

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