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Seth Tane

New York, NY

About Seth Tane

New York, NY

I grew up in New York, and spent significant periods making art in Charleston, SC and Portland, Oregon. My work is a direct response to the dramatic contrasts between specific places gleaned from my immersion in the fabric of those locations. The energy and stimulation from my visits to and current residency in NYC and other travel is the fuel for my efforts to make artwork that captures and transmits the specificity of inhabited places to viewers everywhere with a minimum of explanation. I started out in my teens making welded steel sculpture, and then I used my native talents with tools to make intricate dioramas in hidden boxes, always working towards a facile and elegant way to understand complex thoughts about our lives in the landscape. Eventually I was able to learn enough through practice and study to make paintings that satisfy my joy of using color and light as a language to describe people and places in depth.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • RISD
    Providence, RI, 1971

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