Rumen Kozhuharov Meet

Rumen Kozhuharov

Sofia, Bulgaria

About Rumen Kozhuharov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Rumen Kozhuharov is a fourth generation of artists. Born in 1990, began to paint in his earliest life and made painting a major part of his entire life. Dreaming to become an artist and designer, dedicated all his early years to develop his drawing skills and sense of colors. During university studies, education in the various interdisciplinary programs in design and fine arts, he had visited all the creative workshops about shaping the environment around us. Rumen Kozhuharov's main interests in the field of art are mixed with the passions for visual semiotics and cognitive psychology. During different research of the signs and the symbols in art, He'd spend a lot of time exploring the brush strokes and the trace that the various paints and materials are leaving. The human creature has always lived in a nature and has been surrounded by distinctive material expressions on every surface. The texture of the paint and the painted eccentric lines are in a conflict with the extreme understandings about the color science and the color psychology. Working in the various fields of painting, mural painting, interior and graphic design, he participated in 20+ significant projects. I had 7 solo art exhibitions and had been a part of more than 40 group exhibitions.

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Selected Exhibitions


  • New Bulgarian University, PhD in Visual and Plastic Art
    Sofia, Bulgaria.,2018 
  • National Academy of Art, Master of Fine Arts (Mural Painting)
    Sofia, Bulgaria.,2015 
  • New Bulgarian University, Master of Fine Arts in Design (Spatial design)
    Sofia, Bulgaria.,2014 
  • New Bulgarian University, Master of Fine Arts (Painting)
    Sofia, Bulgaria.,2014 
  • New Bulgarian University, Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Sofia, Bulgaria.,2012 
  • New Bulgarian University, Bachelor of Interior and spatial design
    Sofia, Bulgaria.,2012 

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