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Robert Makol

Brisbane, AL

About Robert Makol

Brisbane, AL
Robert Makol Brisbane QLD. Creative | Fine Art | Landscape Photographer. The love of creating beautiful images that invoke feelings in the viewer.

Robert Makol is creating for one reason. The love of creating beautiful images that invoke feelings in the viewer. Starting off with landscape and some artistic style images, it has quickly grown into an exploration of photographic beauty using people, places, props…basically everything around me to capture something different.

Inspired by the intricate nature of life in Brisbane and the amazing people in it, what started as a hobby is now my passion and thankfully, my profession. I have a high appreciation that no two people are places are the same. This enables me to capture the very essence of what is on the other side of the lens, using a combination of natural and artificial light, techniques discovered only with experience and an understanding of the dedication it takes to bring out the beauty in whatever the subject matter is.

I have natural ability to put people at ease, ensuring that every job is enjoyable for thos both in front and behind the camera I’am adaptable to al environments whether I’m shoting in a scientific laboratory, university full of students or a corporate meeting.

Come on a journey with Robert Makol and you too can see the world with new eyes.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • RAW Artist
    Brisbane, 2013

Press and Accolades

  • Moustache Magazine
    July 12, 2013

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