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Rina Mualem

גבעתיים, Israel

About Rina Mualem

גבעתיים, Israel

Since the 1970s I'm maneuvering and diverting a complex set of images with figurative dimension on my artistic platform – established by oil on canvas.
My artistic line is a continuous single point, which is moving forward with a certain hesitation as if trying to grant a living shape quivering to the images on the substrate. The images that were formed through an emphasis of hand movement do not insist upon telling a story, but instead they are a kind of encounter in space between animals, wheels, landscapes, heads, which are all subservient to a framework of schematic symbols of the substrate, the material.
Since the 1990s my work increase of visual components taken from actual stories of the world of media and applied to the painted substrate. The images which move in a uniform motion on the substrate become one unit in which the image, color, and substrate receive equal value. The mere fact of the image and the relationships which are formed between the color and the substrate are a testimony to the motion to the awakening, to the livelihood.
In the last few years I'm aiming myself into digital artworks – clean, flat colors pop art illustrative photoshop works. The vivid colored figures are even more "alive" after printing these works, which makes every different print on different size with hall new expression.

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