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Regina Felice Garcia

San Francisco, CA

About Regina Felice Garcia

San Francisco, CA

Regina Felice is a photographer and chocolate lover in San Francisco. She fell in love with capturing beautiful frames when she took a photography class at summer camp at the age of 12. Throughout her college career she stepped in and out of her artist role as her heart told her to pick up a camera and the pressures of society pursued her to complete her business school education at Arizona State University.

She moved to San Francisco to complete her Master of Fine Arts in Advertising, using her camera and her words as her main tools for all her projects. After spending a couple years in the Advertising field she felt called to express herself more freely and authentically – so she picked up her camera for good.

Regina Felice focuses on capturing the daily beauty that surrounds us in an attempt to encourage viewers to take a moment of stillness and gratitude – this includes everything from sunsets to geometry, and a lot of moments in San Francisco neighborhoods. She also loves taking photos of badass women stepping into their personal power, like this:

Regina is extremely grateful for your support of the artist community and freedom of expression!

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