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Phyllis Rosser

New York, NY

About Phyllis Rosser

New York, NY

Rosser's paintings examine the ecstatic pleasures of nature. She concentrates on the abundant garden, the beauty of colors and shapes, the eroticism of the blossoms. The viewer looks at the flowers close up, as if they have been magnified for our understanding and pleasure. Art Critic Anne Swartz says, "we're looking at nature in its glory, at its most copious…the flowers are truly romantic in that they are both beautiful (lovely palette, pleasing shapes and vital forms) and sublime (prompting a sense of awe at the spectacle of nature, diminishing human presence in the process)." She has a B.A. in Art History from Smith College and studies painting with New Jersey artist, Grace Graupe-Pillard. Rosser has had numerous one person exhibitions in New York, New Jersey and New England. She has been making found wood sculpture, as well, for over 30 years and has won a number of awards. She's represented in many private and public collections including Microsoft Sculpture Collection and the Smith College Museum of Art.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Smith College Museum of Art

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