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Philip Bogdan

Alexandria, VA

About Philip Bogdan

Alexandria, VA
Ten years in the making, the "Little Hunting Creek" project was conceived to help regain my cognitive skills, which were severely reduced due to complications from open heart surgery. Having lost the ability to photograph, I needed to start from zero. I was forced to place small printing labels on every portion of my photographic equipment to identify their function. Fortunately, as a result of neuroplasticity and time, I can now make the images you're currently viewing in my portfolio. Little Hunting Creek, located in Northern Virginia, has become my Walden Pond. All of the fauna you’ll view are mere feet from my dogs and me. Having photographed the creek exclusively for ten years, generational habituation has taken over; where mothers bring their babies right up to Roarie, Rossi, and me. It’s been an intensely spiritual and ethereal journey.
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  • Rhode Island School of Design, BFA/MFA
    Providence, Rhode Island,1982 

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