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Batesville, IN

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Batesville, IN

This came about in an unorthodox way with over 150 really nice pieces . no formal education whatsoever , Gram says to fill in the whole area , and other super practical fundamental basics. For about a decade quietly creating the collection in the most amazing environment : simotaneously working doing a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday job getting paid, the perfect unimaginable situation that just does not happen super frequently, like this is a fluke.
the medium is watercolor paper using ink and no digital computer assistance of any kind, except to scan and create a picture from that original image ,is ever used . paper size is about 16 0r 17 inches by 11 or 12 inches. the entire collection can be easily held in one hand.
no degree in anything, a little community college but enough! in a small town I have won, first places; in small town.
all work has no metaphorical, hidden meanings, nothing subliminal, nothing meaning anything at all, no signature, no letters, numbers, words phrases, nothing identifying anything so the piece has no origin and is up for interpretation in whatever way the picture is looked at from wherever anyone viewing and looking is from.
People say : "That's a Pete", when referring to a comparison to anything other. big versions of these pieces would be really awesome up in super nice corporate lobbies, boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, that's a place to put these, they are thought provoking and who doesn't like an original abstract new idea when super tunnel vision exists.
These are all original .

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Selected Exhibitions

  • none


  • ivy tech community college , no
    batesville indiana ,2005 
  • kentucky weslyan college , no
    owensboro kentucky,1999 
  • high school, yes
    batesville indiana ,1998 

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