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Paul Robison

Minneapolis, MN

About Paul Robison

Minneapolis, MN

Paul Robison resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and doesn't normally do this. He has a full-time day job as a computer technician and has high hopes of getting his masters degree in astronormal parabiological mathematics. The only problem is, that particular field hasn't been pioneered just yet and Paul only has a BA in film and video production. This means he'll have to go back to school for something a bit more, sciencey. Paul spends most of his time exercising his left brain, but every once in a while his right brain takes over. The photos you see here and on his website are the culmination of his right brain's sorties.

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Press and Accolades

  • 2nd Place-Silhouette- PVW World Cup of Photography
    April, 2013


  • Hennepin Technical College, Engineering CAD
    Brooklyn Park, MN,2014 
  • Augsburg College, Film Production
    Minneapolis, MN,2011 

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