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Kansas City, MO

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Kansas City, MO

From his first serious efforts to create art through photography while growing up in St. Joseph, Missouri, through time spent in both the Smokey and Rocky Mountains, to his current home in Kansas City, Missouri, Paul Randall has always aimed to capture images that in some way impact the viewer. If viewers find a meaning in an image, such is valid and welcome. If they just think they are pretty, or striking, or evocative, same deal. The goal is to capture a moment in time in a way that affects others.
Paul strives to see those moments as they occur and perserve them, previously on film, now digitally. Much of the magic of those fleeting instances is in their randomness, as occurances in the stream of time; therefore, none of his work is ever posed or digitally or darkroom manipulated. The image is what occurred, what was seen, in that moment, naturally. He shoots what he sees, when he sees it. And there is always more to see.

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Other works by Paul Randall

Selected Exhibitions

  • Kansas City Artist's Coalition Auction
    Kansas City, Missouri, 2007
  • "Time Exposed"- Works by Paul Randall, #8 Gallery
    Kansas City, Missouri, 2006
  • Kansas City Artist's Coalition Member's Exhibition
    Kansas City, Missouri, 2006
  • Art in the Park
    Columbia, Missouri, 1992

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