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Nives Palmić

Ljubljana, Slovenia

About Nives Palmić

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nives Palmić is a painter and art professor.
Her principle as an artist is to achieve uniqueness, not imitate anyone or anything and to be completely honest about his/her work. She rather understand her role as a messenger not just a seller, and see importance of art in communication, to remind people of everything essential for human and in human.

She graduated in painting from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. Today she works as art professor on B2 and Gea College schools for adults in Ljubljana.
Also run art courses and workshops and works as a mentor and review writer on art exhibitions.

Nives is author of very popular practical book »From drawing to painting«, published in 2011.

She adores old cultures art as Mediaeval and Persian miniature painting, and authors from different art history periods. The very first influence was certainly her father who was an amateur painter.
And perhaps very big amount of freedom and nature in her childhood.

In past years she was occupied with abstract painting and also mixed media painting (digital graphics combining classic techniques and computer interventions) and applied arts such as painting and printing on fabric.
Last few years the main occupation is drawing. She achieve optimal expression using and mastering classical drawing techniques as graphite pencil, charcoal, pen and ink and pastel.
Source of her inspiration are mostly natural forms, fascination with plants, flowers, trees and on the other side ornament as a way of visual expressing of ideas.

What makes her work unique is very carefully defined composition where motif vary from image to pattern and offer close look to inner spaces. And qualities of shape, space and light which create special atmosphere.
Beside composition there is texture, which is also essential in her drawings, reflecting a character of each motif and adding dimension of sensuality.

Her work is developing all the time and reaching for new techniques, approaches and contents, getting more and more appreciation and interest from art lovers over the world.

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Other works by Nives Palmić

Selected Exhibitions

    Krsko Slovenia, 2017
  • ART RESIDENCE Project House of Illustration
    Kranj Slovenia, 2016
  • SOLO EXHIBITION in the Glass Atrium of the City Hall
    Ljubljana Slovenia, 2008
  • MATRICES , international exhibition of small form electrographic art
    Budapest, Hungary, 2007
  • RISBA/DRAWING , Gallery of the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations
    Ljubljana Slovenia, 2007

Press and Accolades

  • Special Recognition in Online Gallery Light Space&Time competition for artwork "Shy Dahlia"
  • Special recognition for artwork "Rising" in Online LightSpace&Time Gallery competition.
  • Special recognition for artwork "Overflow" in Online LightSpace&Time Gallery competition.


  • Pedagogical Academy, Basic
    Ljubljana Slovenia,2000 
  • Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts , Bachelor of Arts
    Ljubljana Slovenia,1986 

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