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Nina Hopen Klein

Philadelphia, PA

About Nina Hopen Klein

Philadelphia, PA

Nina Hopen Klein has been painting and drawing her entire life, but has only recently started to embrace her art full time with the pleasure of painting every day! A Philadelphia native, she also lived in South Florida for several years and during that time she owned and operated a stationery and graphic design company, worked in an art museum, taught art classes to children, and was involved in manufacturing and retail. While entrenched in her careers, she was busy raising four children, and then returned home to Philadelphia in 2007.

Throughout her lifetime, Nina has explored and worked in most mediums, but always returned to acrylics and mixed media in the style of abstract expressionism.  Her main sources of inspiration come from her travels and the pulse of urban living. Nina’s abstract paintings are strong with a complexity of textured layers.  As an abstract expressionist, she draws her inspiration from non-objective images and patterns that she encounters everyday. Her intent is to merge the colors and texture so the viewer becomes emotionally and visually connected to the painting. Some of her favorite influential artists include Still, De Kooning, Kline, Hoffmann, and Johns.

Artist Statement:
“When the first stroke of my paintbrush touches my canvas, the storytelling begins. I dive into my painting with no specific direction;  I only follow my intuition by reacting to the spontaneous magic of the colors.  Once there is action and movement, the conversation begins.
I draw my inspiration from non-objective images and patterns that I encounter everyday. My intent is to evoke visual sensations instead of recognizable images.  As I wait patiently for the colors and textures to create the layers on my canvas, it is only then that my story is told.” 

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Other works by Nina Hopen Klein

Selected Exhibitions

  • Maha Studio Gallery
    Philadelphia, PA, 2016
  • Jed Williams Gallery
    Philadelphia, PA, 2016
  • Dupree Gallery
    Philadelphia, PA, 2016
  • Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial
    Philadelphia, PA, 2016
  • Da Vinci Art Alliance
    Philadelphia, PA, 2016


  • Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Science, Art Education
    State College, PA,1976 

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