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Nadia Richman

Brighton, MA

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Brighton, MA

When the sky is at a moment of change, such as the sun rising or setting, a storm coming or going, it is exciting to see the power, motion, light and depth of the sky. Being a part of it energizes me to capture in my paintings the glimpse of grandeur and beauty of the ever changing majesty of the sky. So many emotions and concepts can be revealed in the depiction of the sky and there are many different aspects to capture: the lighting, the clouds, the landscape or cityscape that is part of the scene, to add or not. These challenges are to approach the painting with a freshness and excitement to give the image justice and to capture some of the glory and mood. Painting from photographs I take gives me the freedom and chance to capture the image and plan the composition. Then I can jump into a state of mind that takes me to a new place turning it into a new image. This has led me directly into discovering my place in the spectrum of realism versus abstraction in painting. Where I fit in the configuration of what type of artist I am seems to be adjusted with each endeavor.

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Other works by Nadia Richman

Selected Exhibitions

  • Unbound Art
    Boston, MA , 2013


  • THE SCHOOL OF THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS , Continuing Education
    Boston, MA,2014 
  • CLARK UNIVERSITY , Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Worcester, MA,1985 

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