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Nyc, NY

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Nyc, NY


484 WEST 43 STREET, #11-N
NY, NY 10036
E-mail: Filanart2@aol.com

Michael Filan’s spiritual journey is communicated through the quiet and intense working time of the painting process. Something divine within gets expressed in an almost meditative manner. With charity and grace he shares his passion for color and the excitement of the creative process with all that engage with his work.

Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y., Michael was influenced as a young child by his maternal and paternal grandfathers who both worked in the arts. At the age of nine Michael vowed to become an artist and told his family that one day he would go Pratt Institute to study art. He did go on to study at Pratt, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in painting and art education as well as masters degree in art therapy. Michael has enjoyed a successful career as a painter and printmaker. He is also a member of the faculty at the School of Visual Arts’ Master of Arts in teaching program where he trains future art teachers.
Michael has also joined the staff of TAI the Actors Institute TAI is an international teaching and consulting firm. We use principals from the performing arts to change behavior and improve performance in companies and individuals.
Michael works with individual clients as well as running workshops.

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Other works by Mike Filan

Selected Exhibitions

  • Materials for the Arts
    NYC, 2016
  • Local Project
    NYC, 2016
  • Sideshow Gallery NYC
    NYC, 2015
  • By Rush Foundation
    NYC, 2015
  • Organized By Chashama
    NYC, 2012

Press and Accolades

  • Daniel Grant, “Six Marketing Success Stories,” American Artist, 2002
  • *Olin Chism, “Creative Types Learn Art of Money Making,” The Dallas Morning News, May 15, 2002
    *Olin Chism, “Creative Types Learn Art of Money Making,” The Dallas Morning News, May 15, 2002


    BROOKLYN NY,1976 
    BROOKLYN NY,1975 

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