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Denver, CO

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Denver, CO

Mike Berkow's photography can be loosely divided into two styles: realistic and abstract. In his realistic work, he tries to bring viewers into the natural world by showing them places or things that they might not normally get to see. These images are as true to the original scene as possible; the only digital manipulation he does is color correction and dust removal. Mike's abstract work is an exploration of form, color, and texture. In it, he digitally alters the original subject matter as he sees fit.

Mike finds these two divergent styles allow him to share not only the beauty he finds in the world, but also to express his artistic point of view with his interpretation of it.

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Other works by Michael Berkow

Selected Exhibitions

  • Gallery Mio
    Denver, CO, 2009
  • Sync Gallery
    Denver, CO, 2009
  • Artwork Network
    Denver, CO, 2009
  • Michael Walter Art and Design
    Denver, CO, 2008


  • Rochester Institute of Technology, BS in Biomedical Photographic Communications
    Rochester, NY,1995 

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