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Michael Brugh

Baton Rouge, AL

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Baton Rouge, AL

Michael Brugh lives in Baton Rouge, AL with an inordinate amount of books, movies, TV shows and movie posters. Michael has been told that he could have been a cat-whisperer like Jackson Galaxy; the only difference between J.G. and Michael is that Galaxy has a bunch of tattoos, a shaved head and a guitar. Oh, and an Animal Planet hit TV show. Otherwise, he is just as patient with fur-balls. He also is a fairly decent impressionist, able to pick up on vocal mannerisms and speech patterns almost instantaneously. He’s been told that he is a definite step up from Rich Little, and almost rises to the level of a Frank Caliendo.

He can whip out an edited video in iMovie with aplomb. He also has drawn, painted, sketched, and crayoned almost everything he can get his hands on including canvas, paper, and walls.

Michael’s influences come from literature, music, poems, movies, TV shows, and the astounding beauty of nature itself. Deep thoughts, introspection, hilarity, astonishment, happiness, quiet reverie, they all make themselves at home in Michael’s heart and soul. He draws (yes, we know, what a pun, huh?) upon all these influences and coaxes them out of their shell located in his mind so they may venture forth into paintings, drawings and mixed media works. They just can't help themselves.

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