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Seattle, WA

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Seattle, WA

Megan Christina Patterson is an African-American painter and writer. Having spent a decade in New York City and currently residing in Washington state; she is perpetually inspired by her surroundings.

Megan uses her background in nursing, science and anatomy to create paintings & poems with a psychological & anatomical force. Her art celebrates women as goddesses and is inspired by the power, vitality, & the revolving essence of the human form.

Her distinctive painting style is full of vibrant colors, cultivating different layers and dimensions of the characters in her work. Magical realism and fantasy are used in her paintings to highlight the majestic beauty of people of color. Representation as strong animals, fantasy figures, and whimsical scenes are used in embracing the complex magic and beauty of persons of color; showing multiplicity in personality and culture.

She also incorporates her original poetry & writings into her visual work. Art and culture can provide a powerful means for achieving positive social change and improved wellbeing, which Megan is passionate about.

She hopes to inspire people to leave a positive mark on the world and to enlighten viewers of issues affecting marginalized populations with her art. Awakened spirituality and the blending of reality with supernaturalism is poignant in her work. Megan's mantra is to "continuously expand one's vision of what is possible, stretch your soul, and believe in the God in you."

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Selected Exhibitions

Press and Accolades

  • Emmanuel music video: “Need You”


  • Pace University , BSN
    Pleasantville, New York ,2012 

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