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Highlands Ranch, CO

About Matthew Clark

Highlands Ranch, CO

Born and raised in Colorado, the outdoors have always played a major inspirational role in Matthew's work. Whether painting a stylized character of an owl he saw soar above, or snapping a photo of a sunset off a puddle, it is apparent that Mother Nature is always infused in his creative process.

Growing up, Matthew was drawn to many artistic facets. He applied his passion for art to all areas of his life and eventually studied art and graphic design in college. After receiving his degree, Matthew began working professionally as a graphic artist, but his passion for the more traditional arts still beckoned. He would spend any free time he had away from work creating paintings and wandering the streets snapping as many shots as he could trying to expand and grow as an artist in both areas. He has submitted numerous pieces of his artwork and photography to gallery shows in Colorado, Missouri, and Illinois, and through participating in such events, he has been recognized for his unique style.

As his artistic journey has evolved over the years, a more defined style has been established in both painting and photography. He looks at both art forms as a great release from the day to day grind, and serves as an almost meditative process. Each time he sits down at the easel, or heads out on the streets to explore, new ideas and inspirations emerge, feeding both art forms from the other, creating a new and exciting creative process.

With each painting or photo Matthew creates, a new story unfolds. This narrative quality is one of Matthew's favorite parts of the arts. Being able to tell a story visually is the thread that Matthew always tries to weave through his work, and to have others connect to the image’s story on an emotional level is the highest form of flattery.

Matthew will continue to create, and he hopes that you’ll join him on his creative journey.

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Other works by Matthew Clark

Selected Exhibitions

  • Bruise Clothing Company - Solo Exhibition
    Denver, CO, 2017
  • Joone Studios “Noir - Criminal Class Press Anti-Gala” - Group Exhibition
    Chicago, IL, 2010
  • Plastic Chapel “A Trip Down Nursery Rhyme Lane” - Solo Exhibition
    Denver, CO, 2009
  • Plastic Chapel "Graphic Nature" - Solo Exhibition
    Denver, CO, 2008
  • Ditto Gallery - Group Exhibition
    Denver, CO, 2007

Press and Accolades

  • Received three (3) Gold Key Awards in the Scholastic Awards for Fine Arts
    May 1998


  • Westwood College of Technology, Associates Degree of Applied Science in Graphic Design and Multimedia
    Denver, CO,2002 

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