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Maryna Kantsyr

Kirkland, WA

About Maryna Kantsyr

Kirkland, WA

Maryna is a first-generation immigrant from Eastern Europe. She was born in Moldova, which is a very small country between Romania and Ukraine, grey architecture, but beautiful green fields and forests. She finished Art College there and got her first bachelor's degree in 2003. After she moved to Ukraine to study art at University and got her second bachelor's degree in 2008. Since that time and during her studies she participated in exhibitions in Moldova and Ukraine and had 7 solo exhibitions in Ukraine. She considers her life in Ukraine as an important growing up period as a person and artist. Her first professional experience and understanding that she wants and does not want to do as an artist, what is in art for her.

She moved to the United States in 2015 to the San Francisco Bay Area. From her relocation to the USA and till autumn 2018 she was not eligible to sell her art and make money, because of the type of visa (dependent). But she prefers to see good things in any situation, so she considers that period as finding her own style. In autumn 2018 she started exhibiting in California. And in the summer 2019 she and her husband moved to Kirkland, Washington state. Here she already had two solo exhibitions at A/NT Gallery in Seattle in December 2019 "Reflection of Life" and in March 2020 “Everyday Life”. And she is participating in A/NT Gallery member's exhibitions and every possible group exhibition that she can find and accept her paintings.

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Selected Exhibitions


  • South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University, Bachelor
    Odessa, Ukraine,2008 
  • Republican College of Fine Arts, Bachelor
    Chisinau, Moldova,2003 

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