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Waterloo, WI

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Martin Rowe grew up in Kingston, London. Which is where he went to art college, graduating in 1980. Martin’s passion for painting has taken him far and wide. He spent many years in Australia painting and lecturing an a number of universities. He returned to England then back to Australia before moving to the U.S.

Martin’s painting has been heavily informed by his teaching and his love of the landscape. Although his work is abstract the influence of the landscape can be seen in its many moods and structures. It is this combination of elements that keeps the work alive. The viewer reads their own history and experienced into the painting.

Why is abstract art so popular?
All art has a story locked within its borders. The joy is letting that connection unfold as you engage with that painting. Looking at art creates new neural pathways and stimulates the brain. This sense of being connected to a painting is called”embodied cognition”.

Abstract art frees our brain from the dominance of reality, enabling it to flow within its inner states, create new emotional and cognitive associations, and activate brain-states that are otherwise harder to access. This process is both rewarding and nourishing as it enables the exploration of yet undiscovered inner territories of the viewer's brain.

Art creates moods, tones and stories. These emotions become part of the viewers experience and connection to the work. The artist develops the creative life of a painting and the viewer completes the creative experience by exploring a paintings possibilities.

Research has shown that abstract art engages the viewer in a much deeper way than representational art. The viewer spends more time looking for meaning and connections in art. This focus actually shifts our cognitive state away from concrete detail towards abstract ideas.

Hanging art in a public space, corporate building or private home will change that environment. It is important to hang art that enhances and reflects your values and aspirations. While creating an environment that engages and gives the audience time and space to appreciate the atmosphere, the message and enjoy what you have created.

Martin’s paintings will change and enhance any space.

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