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Melrose, FL

Mark Paulda is a globe-trotting photographer and best selling author whose thirst for knowledge takes him to almost every corner of the world.

He was exposed to travel at an early age, as his parents took him on perpetual trips abroad when he was still a child. Born in America, Mark grew up in Tripoli, Libya where he learned to be curious and genuinely appreciate cultures foreign to his own.

Mark began his professional career with his own event company that led him to work with the Olympic Games planning and coordinating corporate events for VIPS. Creativity drives Mark today in the world of photography.

Mark’s images have been exhibited throughout the world in galleries, special exhibitions and museums. He is considered one of the Top 100 travel photographers in the world according to Light & Composition. You can also find his images in a large variety of magazines, websites and other publications worldwide. He's been nominated for a Grammy award and a Grammy finalist for Best Album Art (Recollections by Asia featuring John Payne) released with worldwide distribution.

He is author of five photography books, three of which are among the fastest selling books published by TCU Press. One of his books, “El Paso 120 : Edge of the Southwest” was named the best photography book in Texas.

His is the world of brilliantly capturing what the eye can not see. His philosophy is that the lens reveals the soul of the world, and his accomplishments are a result of study, knowledge, understanding, creative eyes and unique vision. This is all too rare in a world where anyone with a smart phone is instantly an expert “photographer”.

Mark is a man who has an intense love for photography and the art of capturing life in a single frame. His passion for this art form has led him to explore all parts of the world, learning from people and their culture as he goes. He is a creative and dedicated individual with an eye for capturing the beauty in life. He has had many adventures, from hiking deep into the Sahara Desert to joining a family of Berber nomads on their pilgrimage through Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and celebrating the full moon in Bali’s gorgeous temples.

He strongly believes in giving back to those cultures that have given so much to him, which is why he set up programs teaching guides photography in Bhutan – with hopes that they can use these skills to earn extra income while also being able to share their culture with others.

An avid traveller who has travelled extensively across Europe, Asia, North America and South America – all solo growing his extended family along the way.

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