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Maria Concepcion Rodriguez Vaquero

Chesham, United Kingdom

About Maria Concepcion Rodriguez Vaquero

Chesham, United Kingdom

Maria Concepcion Rodriguez Vaquero, known as Conchi, started to paint at eight years old, creating paintings and drawings for her parents. Growing up in Madrid was inspiring for this nascent artist, who grew up with art galleries, sculptures, and statues nearby. At 23 Conchi became a single Mother, and began painting landscapes, murals and portraits commissioned by family and friends.

When Conchi moved to London many years later, she was inspired to paint in her own style, drawing from album covers of 70s Soul Jazz and Reggae. Closely following this change in artistic spirit, she was invited to put up a large solo show of 35 canvases at the Holloway Community Center, and shortly after that she exhibited works at the BBC Social Club as well. More recently, she has exhibited work n in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain with a new concept of acrylic paint on vinyl, featuring soul, blues, jazz, reggae and flamenco dancers. Last year, Conchi worked in Shanghai, China, where she again changed her artistic style to reflect her current predilections and concerns by infusing more abstract nuances into her work with acrylic and recycled materials. She now lives in London again, where she continues to incorporate her concerns on Global Warming and Waste through acrylic and recycled mediums.

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