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Marcus Allen

Trinity, NC

About Marcus Allen

Trinity, NC

Marcus comes from High Point, North Carolina. He has been taking photographs since the age of 12, when he would shoot on an old "Yashica Mat": with the screw on lens. When Marcus was 18 his father built him his first darkroom and the rest is history. For the last 25 years Marcus has been pushing himself forward trying to see how far this trip behind the lens will take him.

Marcus doesn't consider his photography to be part of any particular style. If forced to elucidate his inspirations, he'd probably say he tries to find the beauty in the mundane. But you'd have to drag it out of him.

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Other works by Marcus Allen

Selected Exhibitions

  • Center For Visual Artists
    Greensboro, NC, 2012

Press and Accolades

  • 3rd Place Spectacle Juried Photo Exhibition
    February 3rd, 2012


  • School of Hard Knocks, B.S. in Life Observation
    Planet Earth ,1974 

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